Adapted by Kenneth Brown from a translation by Ian Johnston

Featuring: Stuart Hoye, Elena Porter, Chelsea Preston, Mark Stubbings, Nikolai Witschl
Sound and Lighting Design: Lester Lee
Director: Keltie Brown

Darkly funny, disturbing, bizarre. Gregor’s ordinary life is turned upside-down, and his family is twisted out of recognition in Kafka’s classic masterpiece. 

"Kafka’s Metamorphosis is a unique chance to experience the classic novella in an inventive theatrical form, and I recommend it to anyone looking for an interesting take on a modern classic." - Jamin Huntley, Sound and Fury (August 17, 2011)

"It is a creepy tale and director Keltie Brown and her excellent cast have assembled a production that gives full credit to the creeping horror, the existential subtext and the terrible human drama that is unfolding." - Colin MacLean, Edmonton Sun (August 14, 2011)