by Patrick Marber

Girl meets boy (meets girl meets boy) goes terribly wrong in this award winning script. Four lives intertwine in this stinging look at love and betrayal. Dan, a failed writer, meets alluring young Alice when she is hit by a cab before his eyes, but their relationship doesn’t prevent Dan’s fascination with a beautiful photographer, Anna, whose poise offers an alluring change. Even as Anna’s love for a rough round the edges physician develops, she can’t help but enjoy Dan’s obsessive attention. Caught between love and desire, this quartet struggles to find intimacy but can’t seem to get closer.
Winner of the 1998 Olivier Award for Best Play and the 1999 New York Drama Critics Circle Award for Best Foreign Play. ‘CLOSER is a sad, savvy, often funny play that casts a steely, unblinking gaze at the world of relationships and lets you come to your own conclusions…CLOSER does not merely hold your attention; it burrows into you.’ —NY Magazine.
Featuring: Alexander Forsyth, Kristi Hanson, Ellie Heath and Ben McIvor,
Director: Keltie Brown Forsyth